It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post for my website. So much has happened since then, so many changes to how we homeschool and the curriculum we are using. So 

I want to use this blog post to bridge the gap between previous posts, and explain what’s changed, and sort of reset for future posts.

It's been a while

What Happened

The last posts I wrote are several years outdated at this point. I had planned to start chronicling our homeschool journey and had lofty intentions of sharing updates and resources. Sadly I ended up putting my website on the back burner. It was a fun yet challenging season of getting into a routine with two toddlers while homeschooling my oldest and blogging just wasn’t a priority. 

During that time I had let my website hosting lapse and I unfortunately lost not only ALL of my written content but also the ENTIRE website I had spent so much time building. To say I was upset is an understatement. But my amazing husband encouraged me to buy a new website theme and start fresh, so I designed a whole new website that at first I set up as a storefront for my crafting business. The blogging side of it was just a little intimidating after losing all of my old posts that I had put so much effort into.

What’s New

Recently, a new friend and I were talking about homeschool curriculum (shocking, i know) and I wanted to tell her about all the things, but I know I have a very, uhm…drinking through a firehose approach. I want to unload all I know in one conversation. It’s not pretty, friends. 

So much information at once can be overwhelming which is why I’ve wanted to create a blog full of information and resources that I can refer people to when they ask me about homeschooling. So this conversation with my new friend inspired me to get behind the keyboard again.

As I was freshening up my website I was able to find two of my old blog posts on the Wayback Machine…super cool! So even though the information is a bit outdated I wanted to share it again anyway.

Looking Ahead

In the next few posts I plan to share about what we have continued using over the past few years, why we moved away from some of the curriculum we were using, and what we will be using for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year. I’ll also be sharing a bunch of other resources I’ve found, books I’m reading for myself, and other relevant topics. 

As I mentioned, I want this blog to be a resource and encouragement for other moms who are educating their kids at home. I hope you’ll consider signing up for my newsletter to be notified whenever a new post comes out. You can sign up in the “Stay In The Loop” form or the “Join The List” form, both on this page.

It's been a while